Monday, April 28, 2008

Volunteer Recruitment?

I was more than a little aggravated when I went to our polling place today [4/22]. A table was set up with a sign that said, "Support the Democratic Party in November." The table was filled with Hillary Clinton pamphlets. There was nothing for Obama. The message that gave me was, "If you're an Obama supporter don't bother signing up." I was really annoyed but didn't want to get into it with the person there because [my son] was with me. Very very disappointing. Why would they want to drive away potential supporters? - M.K. WW4 Dem

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Bill Eddy said...

The same criticism might apply to this blog. There are a lot more pro-Obama posts, even though this blog is for ALL WW4 Dems. If you want to have your say, you have to make an effort. There was not an Obama presence at the polls. But the Obama campaign was active and effective in WW4.