Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Your neighbor's voice

Before Obama came on the scene I was really looking forward to Hillary running. I just really hated her campaign tactics from the get-go. Having her people infiltrate other candidates public forums to put them in a bad light seemed unneccessarily underhanded to me so early on. I really liked Edwards but it just wasn't his time.

I was concerned about Obama's lack of experience but despite Clinton's claims, she doesn't have a lot more experience than he does. Frankly, none of the candidates has experience being a president so the next question for me is leadership and connections. Obama has proved he can pull people together. I'm reading his first book now and it's a little bit self-serving but insightful into his good character nonetheless.

I kept going back and forth, reading as much as I can about both candidates but the continued negative campaign tactics and the Bosnia under fire thing really pushed me over the fence and squarely into the Obama camp. As a woman who had to struggle to be successful so my daughter doesn't have to, Hillary still resonates with me and if she turns out to be the popularly selected Democratic candidate than I'll wholeheartedly support her.

I just think there's more to selecting a candidate than being a woman or being a minority. The bottom line is that we have been crying out for leadership with integrity and I think we're most likely to get that from Obama so unless I see otherwise from him, he's getting my vote in the primary.

Thanks for sharing your thooughts with me. All in all this whole thing has been so good for Democrats and the election process, hasn't it?

from L.R. - ww4 democrat

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