Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Free bus to the rail stations

We could take dozens of cars off the road and alleviate the parking problems at the Whitford and Exton SEPTA rail stations with one simple solution. We need to revive the circulator bus that takes people to and from the stations during rush hour.

Public transportation is only successful when it is dependable. This time we should insist on a committment to success. The buses should be consistently on-time. They should also be fare-free. Fare-collection is an unnecessary burden on drivers and slows down operation. In addition, there is a lot of expense and frustration associated.

This service, combined with the DVRP Emergency Ride Home Plan . Would solve transport and parking problems for many. SEPTA would save by not having to invest as much in parking expansion and maintenance. Everyone would benefit from the reduced traffic.

For more info on public transit see the excellent TMACC site.

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