Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our blog is back!

Hi everyone,

Hope you didn't forget to vote today. Good job!

Our blog was attacked, but we survived and we are back in business.

Check our numbers box on the right... we are up to 1,093 Dems from 919 last fall. And we have two new block captains in the last couple weeks. In addition, I may have found a committeeperson to replace me when I move to Philly sometime in the next few months.

Don't be afraid to be a block captain! Who is going to criticize you? If they can do better, let them step up!

Current block captains. I will be sending out updated lists. This may take weeks. If you are in a hurry, let me know. Also, I have a lot of notes from canvassing that will never make it into the database... like who is nice and who is not. I will be happy to come over and go over your list and compare notes if you like.

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