Saturday, August 9, 2008

The economic military draft

The U.S. is fighting oil wars that benefit only one section of corporate America. I don't want want my son enticed into signing and then being forced into criminal acts to save a carbon-auto system that should be dismantled, not saved.

The Army recruiter has convinced my 19 yr old son that he is his friend. He is tempting him with a $15,000 signing bonus and full college scholarship.

I love my son. I will fight to keep him. The uncertainty and worry is wearing me down.

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grantphoto said...

Mr Eddy,

I'm a Vietnam vet in Veterans For Peace and live in Montgomery County. Recruiters now have bonuses to give out and the rest of the BS they traditionally lay out to get young men to sign on the line, which of course bolsters their quota for the month -- the more the better for the recruiter's career. It's all logical. Hey, they are salesmen.

I'd be glad to speak with you and/or your son. Here's my email:

John Grant