Monday, June 30, 2008

Roggio impressive in person

Bob Roggio gave a talk at the reception last Thursday and took some questions. I was impressed. Bob focused on education, health insurance, and the Iraq war.

He reiterated what even Republicans admit to be true. That investment in early childhood development pays dividends many times over. He also advocated more public support for higher education.

He likes the idea of single-payer health insurance, but feels it is not feasible politically right now. He would support a universal plan in the interim.

Bob is refreshingly honest about the Iraq war. He does not have a solution, but explained that after meeting with some of our wounded armed services people, he is highly motivated to work to bring the war to an early end.

Bob is engaging and soft-spoken. His remarks were focused and organized. He has the guts to say we cannot drill our way out of high gasoline prices. It will be hard for Gerlach to accuse him of waffling or pandering.

The campaign seems in good shape as well. Bob recognizes the importance of Berks voters and has a plan to win them.

I recommend we get out the vote and put him well over the top in West Whiteland.

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