Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Block Captain on Tall Pines

Another democrat has stepped up and agreed to be a block captain. This is great news. Being a block captain is easy and fun.
First, since most streets do not have one, there is no way you can do less than what is being done now. If a block captain gets one democrat to vote who would not have otherwise, then he/she has made a big difference. Recently, we dems have won local races by margins of seven votes and twelve votes.
Second, block captains are the most important people in the world. Why? because they remind people to vote. They connect their neighbors with our email networks. If we want to reduce the grip of big money on our party, we have to reach the voters without annoying and expensive TV, mail, and phone banking.
Third, talking with neighbors is a lot more interesting than watching the corporate pundits on TV. Our neighborhood canvassing parties are good exercise and lots of fun.

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